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Be On Time!


  • What form of payment do you accept?
    We accept cash, Apple pay, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Zelle.
  • Do I need to pay in order to photograph?
    Yes! It is a one time event, only those who pay in full can take their Prom photos.
  • Do you offer any payment plans?
    No, You may leave a card information as we process photo packages the next business day. If declined or a balance is remaining: Your photos will not begin the production process until your order is paid in full.
  • When will my order be ready?
    Your portraits will be ready in 2-3 weeks depending on the type of package. Packages are delivered to the school unless shipping was paid... If you paid for shipping, tracking info will be emailed with mailing updates.
  • Can I photograph with more than 3 people in packages A,B,C,D?"
    No, Packages A,B,C,D are for Couples or in 2's. You must purchase a Buddy package or Pay the A,B,C,D package Plus $5 for each additional person in the photo after the 2 max. The photos will be divided accordingly, you will not get to choose what pose goes to what print size due to the nature of the custom order.
  • For a Buddy package how do i fill-out the form?
    You must collect $10 from each person who will photograph in the group. Designate 1 person to fill-out the form under their name. When distribution in school is announced that person will pick-up the envelope with all 2- sheets per person enclosed and distribute accordingly. We will not process package if full amount is not paid.
  • If i am not satisfied with my package what can i do?
    No worries! Due to the nature of the event money is not refundable. You may schedule a re-take @ Fotorama Studio, Fotorama is not responsible for any expenses on make-up, Hair etc. We can replace the package at no additional cost once retaken. REFUNDS: If the exception is made, you will not receive the full amount, partial refund will be extended based on the manager's decision.
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