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Frequently asked questions...

  • Does the photobooth print out photos on the spot like the ones at the mall?

    Yes, but the photos are much higher quality and our photobooths are not cheesy looking!

  • Do people have to pay for the photobooth, and is there a photo limit?

    No. It's a flat-fee rental so the photobooth is free and unlimited for all guests at the event.

  • How does the photobooth work?

    It's simple. Guests simply go in the photobooth and touch the red Start button on the touch-screen, choose B&W or Color, and pose six times following the audio countdown. The photo drops into the slot outside just 10 seconds later. Instant gratification!

  • What is the standard number of hours for renting the photobooth?

    The typical event time is 4 hours. However, it often goes pretty continuously for 4-6 hours starting with the cocktail hour. We're pretty generous — it hardly ever ends on time :)

  • What if I want more than one copy of the same photo? Can I get copies of all the photos from my event?

    One of the most popular options is having all of the digital photos saved on a disc. This includes all the individual poses as well as the formatted six-pose prints. We can also upload the photos to your own photo gallery so guests can order reprints, download their digital or even share them on Facebook, Pinterest, Google+ and email!

  • Do you just drop off the photobooth at the event?

    Not usually. Unless you prefer otherwise, we always have someone on-site to make sure the photobooth runs smoothly for your entire special event.

  • What are the dimensions of the photobooth?

    Length = 4’9”, Width = 2’5", Height = 6’2”, Weight = 770-lbs

  • What about power? Is any special kind of electrical hookup necessary?

    No. A standard 120v electrical outlet is all that's needed, preferably within 50 feet. It's also best if it has it's own circuit so it's not shared with other power-hungry devices.

  • What size are the photos printed by the photobooth?

    The prints measure 4"x6", with a strip of three poses down each side (6 poses per print). This is also a standard frame size! Each individual pose is 1.5"x2"and vertically oriented, just like photobooths have been for generations. This is pretty rare for a digital photobooth!

  • Can you accommodate outdoor events?

    Yes, we do outdoor and tented events all the time. As long as there's proximity to an electrical outlet and smooth access for transporting the photobooth into place there shouldn't be a problem.

  • What is needed to book the photobooth?

    A $500 deposit and a signed contract. The balance payment is due a week before the event date.

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