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Image by Jakob Owens


Get plenty of sleep the night before to look your very best.

Be Natural

Be as natural as possible, avoiding sunburns and tans, These cannot be corrected naturally.

No Risk

Don’t try out a brand new hairstyle, make-up or hair color. We don’t want you to be surprised.

Be Clean

Please be clean shaven, ‘five o’clock’ shadow cannot be removed correctly in finished portraits. Most often there is too much retouching and it will look like make-up has been applied.


Glass glare can appear on certain styles of lenses and can’t be corrected without additional fees, so check with your optometrist about removing lenses for your image creation session.


make sure the tone of your make-up matches your skin tone. Often times, foundations can be too pink or too yellow and change the appearance of your face while not matching the tone of the skin on your neck. Apply your make-up in the correct lighting, where the brightness will show any difference that can occur. If you are wearing the drape (V-neckline) make sure that your foundation is blended all the way onto your neck, evenly so as not to create a line.


Accessories are important! Don’t forget your favorite jewelry, cheer uniform and props or sports paraphernalia to go with those personality images.


Remember your image is in color, so wear something complimentary to your skin tone unless a dress code is required. We suggest staying away from white, as it will make you appear more pale than tan in photographs.


If you are wearing the V-neck drape, please bring in a strapless top to be worn underneath it. A nice necklace such as pearls, compliment the simple black v-neck nicely.


Sleeve length is important to cover unsightly arm flaws. Long sleeved tops are much more complimentary to a person in a portrait. All wardrove is provided by Fotorama Studio. Bring your own for any Personality Style sitting.

Dress to Impress

Please dress in Formal wear for your senior photo session. Keeps it classy and functional for any style.

Fitted Clothing

Clothes should fit you properly. We cannot tailor clothes in portraits. There is a charge to retake your images if your clothes do not fit properly.


Make sure your clothes are neat and pressed. Wrinkles cannot be removed without additional custom artwork fees.


Don’t forget your personality; bring that sports uniform, varsity jacket or special interest clothing along with all the props to create your unique image. *Animals Welcome, call in advance.


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