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Be On Time!


Pre-Order Forms

Your coach will provide you with your scheduled photo time and order forms prior to Picture Day.

Arrive on Time

Please arrive early! Upon arrival, find your coach/team and stay together as a group.Once the order forms have been completed, hand them to our Fotorama Staff or photographer on site. Coach/Students will then proceeds to the photographer.

Bring Payment

Complete the required information and order sections; enclose payment; and bring order form to Picture Day. Every athlete must bring a completed order form in order to be photographed on Picture Day. Package is of standard pose. Photographers will take multiple poses for additional purchases online only. IF you would like a different pose package please call or order online. Money is not refundable due to the nature of the event, you may return for store credit or pay a re-print fee of $10+Original pkg price.

Clothing & Uniform

Staff will help you make and provide additional instructions for completing your order. Once complete, make sure to make line and get your picture taken... all Uniform articles and clothing must be finalized before Photographer calls you up next!

Say Cheese!

Athlete’s with or without forms will proceed to take their picture. Even if the parent decides not to purchase photos, each athlete MUST have a completed order form with all of the athlete’s information for the team and individual photo. If no purchase is placed on picture day you will receive an email link to purchase online within 7 days. Success!

Portrait Orders

All orders are processed immediately. Fotorama is #1 in fastest turnaround time. We select your winner pose and upload ALL for purchase online. Once fulfilled you can no longer change pose or order. Any cancellations are subjected to a fee.

Discounts & Alerts

Make sure to complete the email address section on the form to gain access to our online promotional discount program and Gallery Expiration alerts!

Refunds & Return Policy

If you are not satisfied with the quality of any product you purchase on this website or on Picture Day, simply return it within 15 days of purchase complete & undamaged (should not show proof of wear or tear) and we will either replace the product at no cost to you or a partial refund once quality has been determined to not be of our standard (refund does not apply for disputes due to change of pose).


We will refund only in the case product is damaged to no repair to your account or reprint your photos when we receive your return. You may mail back to us or drop off to our Studio.


If you are not satisfied with the pose you may request a retake of same pose. If you do not like to pose chosen for you  Fotorama is not responsible for replacement of package due  to multiple poses photographed for online purchase purposes only. A standard pose is selected for your package by Fotorama Studio, you may place an additional order with the pose you desire at full price.

If package has been received but not your desired pose, due to the nature of the event money is not refundable, If agreement is reached with owner only partial refund will be extended for processing fee's.

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